A 2012 survey of US workers found that 65% of them would take a new boss over a pay rise. And Gallup, a leader in the field of employee engagement, has estimated that team leaders account for 70% of the variability in levels of engagement in the workplace. This is important because engagement also tends to overlap with measures of stress in the workplace.

The fact is, when it comes to business line managers really matter. And line managers who have skills in 'people-focussed management' - clear and respectful communication, the ability to encourage trust and positive relationships, and skilled at conflict resolution - tend to have teams with higher productivity, increased engagement and fewer 'HR' issues. However, in the fast-paced, task-focussed world of work, it's easy to neglect the people side of management. That's where Head Strong Training's one-on-one leadership coaching can help.

We provide leadership coaching that is specifically focussed on building interpersonal competency, and supporting leaders to build their confidence and skill in proactively engaging and managing their staff. We utilise assessment tools to identify key areas of need, and work with our coaching clients to create an individualised coaching program that applies neuroscience, psychology and employment law in a way that is practical and appropriate for your workplace.

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